18 October 2013

Tartaned Out

I really really have been neglecting this blog for the past couple of months, I've now said to myself that forgetting my personal blog is something of the past. I plan on being highly consistent with my posts and being an active user. Now that I've updated my layout and understand how to use the site (not perfectly) I'm more motivated to actually post and enjoy it. 

Maxi Dress - boohoo.com
Monochrome Stripe Cardigan - George
Tribal Printed Headdress - Hand Down
Triple Buckle Ankle Boot - Mataland 
Black Cardigan - H&M
Tartan Scarf - H&M

I do apologies for the poor quality of the photos. It was taken indoors with 20 minutes before my bus was due to leave, I'll get better I pinky promise.

Have a lovely weekend
Hamdi xo 


  1. I love your headscarf and those boots!! You are so gorgeous girl!